How to export and import SecureCRT Sessions

If you are like me who is heavily leveraging SSH terminal such as SecureCRT you are probably utilizing Session Manager.


This feature will allow you to customize your sessions with things such as username, password, log to file,  logon actions and many more.

Since you put all this work into this you may wonder if you could either back this up (export) or can you mirror the configuration to another device that is also running SecureCRT software (import).

If you haven’t changed the default installation directory you can find the Session folder following this:


/Users⁩/⁨<username>⁩/Library⁩/Application Support⁩/VanDyke⁩/SecureCRT⁩/Config⁩/Sessions



Copy the folder (Sessions – including .ini) from the source, back it up and  paste it under the destination  directory structure.

You are done. Your sessions should be visible within your second SecureCRT application.

Let me know if it worked for you.




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