How to upload troubleshoot file from FXOS (Firepower eXtensible Operating System ) over CLI – Cisco Firepower 2100/4100

Cisco many times will request “troubleshoot file” when working with Firepower 2100/4100 chassis. It is because FXOS is the underlay OS either you run ASA or FTD image.

In order to obtain the file while running FXOS you can follow the procedure below. Please note if you are running FXOS 2.6.x you can generate tech-support file from Firepower Chassis Manager.

But since we love CLI we’ll do it the hard way!

1) Check the fxos version
firepower-2140# sh ver
Boot Loader version: 1.0.09
System version: 2.6(1.214)
Service Manager version: 2.6(1.214)
fpga version: 2.0.00
fpga golden version: 2.0.00
power sequencer version: 2.13
lanspi version: unknown
2) Generate tech-support file
firepower-2140# connect local-mgmt 
firepower-2140(local-mgmt)# show tech-support fprm detail
The showtechsupport file will be located at workspace:/techsupport/20210203190447_firepower-2140_FPRM.tar.gz
3) Check file directory. Note the file name for the next step
firepower-2140(local-mgmt)# dir workspace:/techsupport

1 4671678 Sep 25 15:37:29 2019 20190925153721_firepower-2140_FPRM.tar.gz
1 12706456 Feb 03 19:05:03 2021 20210203190447_firepower-2140_FPRM.tar.gz
4) Copy .gz file to your destination flavor (tftp in my example):
firepower-2140(local-mgmt)# copy workspace:/techsupport/filename 
ftp: Dest File URI
scp: Dest File URI
sftp: Dest File URI
tftp: Dest File URI
usbdrive: Dest File URI
volatile: Dest File URI
workspace: Dest File URI

firepower-2140(local-mgmt)# copy workspace:/techsupport/20210203190447_firepower-2140_FPRM.tar.gz tftp://

There will be no prompt that the file was completed so check your destination to verify if file is present.

And that is it, I hope you find this informative and good luck.


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