Nexus Fabric Extender – ERROR: fcoe_mgr: Cannot bind the VFC as the Fex not fcoe configured (err_id 0x4207005B)

If you received this error when trying to associate VFC (Virtual Fiber Channel) there are two simple reasons:

  1. Your N2K FEX doesn’t support VFC – check your compatibility matrix for the model
  2. You didn’t enable fcoe under FEX settings of the parent switch – verify fex configuration

When associating FEX with the parent switch its not required to configure FEX parameters such as pinning but it will build the default settings.

It’s very easy to miss fcoe stem for the FEX if you enabled it under the parent i.e N5K.

Check the fcoe and fex configuration under parent switch:

N5K9(config)# sh run fcoe

!Command: show running-config fcoe_mgr
!Time: Tue Aug 5 10:38:52 2003

version 7.3(2)N1(1)

N5K9(config)# sh run | in feature
feature fcoe
install feature-set fabricpath
install feature-set virtualization
install feature-set fabric
feature npiv
feature fport-channel-trunk
feature telnet
feature interface-vlan
feature hsrp
feature lacp
feature vpc
feature lldp
feature fex
feature nxapi

N5K9(config-if)# sh run fex

!Command: show running-config fex
!Time: Fri Oct 12 02:34:04 2018

version 7.3(2)N1(1)
feature fex

fex 101
pinning max-links 1
description “FEX0101”
fex 102
pinning max-links 1
description “FEX0102”

Under fex 101 and fex 102 you can see that it doesn’t have fcoe feature enabled causing the title error to occur:

N5K9(config)# int vfc 101
N5K9(config-if)# 2018 Oct 12 02:32:01 N5K9 %PORT-5-IF_DOWN_ADMIN_DOWN: %$VSAN 1%$ Interface vfc101 is down (Administratively down)
N5K9(config-if)# bind interface e101/1/1
ERROR: fcoe_mgr: Cannot bind the VFC as the Fex not fcoe configured (err_id 0x4207005B)

To remediate this issue just add fcoe feature under fex parameters and you are good to go:

N5K9(config-if)# fex 101
N5K9(config-fex)# fcoe
N5K9(config-fex)# exit
N5K9(config)# int vfc 101
N5K9(config-if)# bind interface e101/1/1
N5K9(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vsan 101
Warning: This command will remove all VSANs currently being trunked and trunk only the specified VSANs.
Do you want to continue? (y/n) [n] y
N5K9(config-if)# no shut
N5K9(config-if)# 2018 Oct 12 02:35:45 N5K9 %PORT-5-IF_TRUNK_DOWN: %$VSAN 101%$ Interface vfc101, vsan 101 is down (waiting for flogi)

Again, quick and easy guide just in case you got confused as me.





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