UCS vSAN FC Port-Channel – Isolation due to channel mis-configuration on local or remote switch

If you are getting similar error such as this: “2018 Oct 15 17:20:05 N5K1 %PORT-5-IF_DOWN_BUNDLE_MISCFG: %$VSAN 101%$ Interface fc1/44 is down (Isolation due to channel mis-configuration on local or remote switch) san-port-channel 101″ when configuring san-port-channel on your Nexus down to the Fabric Interconnects make sure you have the proper port-channel mode.

By default UCS FI’s will use active mode. Which is familiar behavior to ethernet but here you need to define active mode actually on the san-port-channel and not the interfaces.

Log prior applying active mode where san-port-channel is empty:

After applying additional configuration:

Something easy to overlook especially when fighting against time.





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